LIGHTING- Probably the last thing you think of when it comes to wedding day details, but it really can take your wedding photos from fit to fab! 
Keep in mind, I do my best with whatever I am given. I really try my hardest to make every single lighting scenario still look picture-perfect. But with your help, we can make some magic happen!

How can you get the best lighting for getting ready photos?

WINDOWS WINDOWS WINDOWS!!! When I arrive to your hotel for getting ready images, the first thing I do is turn all the lights off in the room. I try to use only natural light in the room, so I don't ned to turn my flashes on. Please make sure when choosing somewhere to get ready, that you have windows. I'll ask that you have your makeup artist set things up close to the window so we can get perfect lighting during these photos.

Is your ceremony going to take place indoors? 

If you are having the ceremony inside, please still keep in mind what the lighting will be like.  Is the light going to come in from the side windows? back windows? Or no natural lighting at all? (In this case, I will need to set up flashes) If so, make sure to touch base with the venue to make sure it is okay for me to set up flashes. I know that some churches don't allow flash photography. If this is the case, make sure you schedule your ceremony in the afternoon so we can get as much natural light from the windows inside the building as possible. The overhead light bulbs aren't ideal. I'll double check with them on wedding day to make sure I can use them, but if you know for sure I can't- give me a heads up ;) 

Will your DJ bring some funky lights?

Great! I love to work with some funky dj lights for those crazy dance parties. Just keep in mind, if they have flashing lazer beam lights I will not be able to photoshop these off your face ;) I will do my best to coordinate with your DJ to ensure they don't have crazy lighting during your sentimental first dances, but it always helps if you say something to them as well. Let's just say they value your opinion more than mine ;)

When should you have your outdoor ceremony to ensure awesome lighting?

2-4 hours before sunset. That golden hour creaminess just can't be beat! It's the best, isn't it?? Way to take advantage of a gorgeous sunset by being outside. As far as where you stand, I do have major suggestions on that as well! Here is what you can expect:
**Backlighting the couple is the most ideal (having the sun right behind you and the officiant.)
**SHADE! Keep everyone in the shade. keeps everyone cool, and the lighting is spot on.  You can do this by using a large building with sun behind it. I love trees-  just make sure to backlight the tree (sun behind tree)
**Straight onto the sun is A-OK. -This way, your guests don't have to look into the sun the whole ceremony. (having the sun right behind the guests, so light is direct on you and the officiant.)
Side light is very tricky, (sun to the side of the bride, making the grooms face blown out and brides face in shade.)
Over-head light (noon) THE WORST. (noon, sun right over your head) is the absolute hardest light to shoot in.