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Although I can’t photograph the ceremony portion of the wedding day when you actually get sealed.. my fun starts as soon as you exit the temple! Here is a guide of my approach to temple weddings and some timeline examples I suggest so your celebration and family pictures after your sealing can run smoothly. I’ve photographed many temple weddings, and I’ve learned a lot from my experience. I put this guide together for you in hopes that we won’t have any hiccups, and we can all be on the same page on how this will go!

Your temple sealing time will be when the sealing is supposed to start. Guests are asked to arrive 30 minutes before the sealing so they can all gather in a waiting area until the sealing starts. Sealings can last anywhere from 10-60 minutes. (This all depends on who is sealing you, and wether or not they are on schedule.) After the sealing, guests exit the temple as the couple prepares for their grand exit.

Usually florists will drop off the flowers at the temple, or a bridesmaid will coordinate with the florist on picking them up. The temple workers will usually give you your flowers inside the temple, but some temples down't allow flowers in the temple. Please coordinate with the temple on where to have your bouquet delivered. I suggest having all flowers at the temple for pictures. Have a bridesmaid in charge of flowers, and have her hand them out to everyone so everyone has their flowers and they are all ready for pictures by the time you come out of the temple. If we are scrambling to get flowers to everyone while you are on the temple stairs, it does eat up our time. Some temples have a time limit of how long I can use the stairs for pictures. (SLC temple only allows 15 minutes, and they will kick me off.) So plan to have everyone ready to go!

I arrive to the temple 5-10 minutes after the sealing START time. I’ll usually check in with the sealing coordinator to triple check I am at the right temple at the right time ;) I then gather my gear, meet with the videographer and introduce myself (if there is one) and get ready to meet you after your sealing. After about 45 minutes.. (sometimes up to an hour at busy temples) I will usually see guests from your sealing start to come out. I try my very hardest to see you before your temple exit, but not all temples allow me to see you before you exit the temple. I just like to give you a congratulations and a few directions before you walk out so I don’t take away from time with your loved ones :)

You’ll exit the temple, greet your family and friends... (this is the time to give everyone hugs, especially friends and family that weren’t allowed inside the temple during the sealing.) Once you’ve greeted your guests, and you both are ready to take group pictures- you’ll give me the heads up to start moving everyone! I’ll direct everyone to where I believe the best place is for group pictures.
*TIP* Guests don’t like to follow me. If you start walking, they will always follow you :)

I’ll start with a big group picture of everyone (If there is room for one at the temple you are at) and then we can get started with family pictures! I’ll usually ask your preference on which family you would like to start with first. (This can all depend on who needs to leave first, how big the families are, and how many little kids each family has.) I usually like to start with the biggest family so we don’t have too many family members waiting around, but this is all up to you!

Here is a general shot list of family pictures, I say general because not every single image will be taken, but I do try to get as many as I can. This is just the images I have in my head, it’s just a matter of who is there, how big your family is, and how much time we have.

I ALWAYS start with family pictures. Bridal party ALWAYS goes last. This is because family usually has to get things ready for the reception, or they have kids that are getting rowdy, or there are grandparents that can’t stand around for too long. If a bridesmaid come up to me and says she has to get back to work, or she is in a hurry.. I will tell her that you and I agreed to start with family. I hope you can understand why :) ;) Please prepare the bridal party to stay until the end. Please notify me of any family that will need assistance or need to go first.



-group photo of everyone at the temple

-brides extended family w/bride&groom
-brides immediate family+spouses+kids w/bride&groom
-brides immediate family+spouses+kids+grandparents w/bride&groom -brides grandparents w/bride&groom
-brides grandparents w/bride
-brides immediate family w/bride (no spouses, no kids)
-brides immediate siblings w/bride
-brides parents w/bride&groom
-brides parents w/bride
-brides mom w/bride
-brides dad w/bride
-brides nieces & nephews w/bride&groom

-grooms extended family w/bride&groom
-grooms immediate family+spouses+kids w/bride&groom
-grooms immediate family+spouses+kids+grandparents w/bride&groom -grooms grandparents w/bride&groom
-grooms grandparents w/groom
-grooms immediate family w/bride (no spouses, no kids)
-grooms immediate siblings w/groom
-grooms parents w/bride&groom
-grooms parents w/groom
-grooms mom w/groom
-grooms dad w/groom
-brides nieces & nephews w/bride&groom

-grooms parents, brides parents w/bride&groom

-bridal party
-just bridesmaids -just groomsmen

-singles of bride with all her bridesmaids
-singles of groom with all his groomsmen
-kids (if any) that are in the bridal party w/bride&groom

-bride&groom on temple grounds
(Please allow 10-20 minutes of time to walk around and get bridals done on temple grounds.)

** If you are wanting the flowers to stay fresh, I suggest taking the bridal parties flowers from them at the temple, and keeping them in water until the reception. When you get to the reception, you can give them back :) I have had too many bridesmaids flowers go missing before the reception, so having someone be in charge of them is the best way to go!**