What's in my bag?

I recently transitioned from my Canon 5D Mark III to the IV, and I am blown away at the difference.

I am so much more confident in pushing my ISO higher in low light scenarios, and I LOVE the touch screen on the back. I have noticed that this camera is a little smaller than the 3, which I really appreciate after a long wedding day. 

I've had my 6D for what feels like forever. I don't ever use it.. We actually bought it for Jack to learn on, but I keep it in my bag at every shoot and every wedding just in case I need it. I always recommend having a back-up camera in case your main camera ever fails you. When I was using my Mark III- something went wrong at a wedding and it wasn't working properly.. and I was SO RELIEVED to have this in my bag to use the rest of the night. It is a full frame and It is a lot smaller then the III and the IV, but it is a work-horse. 


This thing is my baby. I use this lens probably 60% of the time.. and it never fails me. The bokeh is incredible. and its low-light capabilities from the low aperture are LIFE. I use this lens a ton for portraits, and wedding details and the prettiest ring shots EVER. It gives everything a very artsy feel, and I'm just obsessed. At a wedding, I would usually pull this out for single portraits. I use this lens at the beginning of every shoot because it is a little zoomed, and I can get closer pictures of my clients without them feeling like I'm "too" close. 

This Lens is my "Stalker Lens." I use this to get pictures of people that don't necessarily want their picture taken. During receptions, I will usually pull this out and walk around to get candids. This lens is also great for ceremonies when you don't want to get in everyones way with a 35mm. The bokeh on this thing is IMPRESSSIVE.

I recently sold my Sigma 35mm to get this, and so far I've loved it! It is a lot sharper then my old Sigma lens. But since I just barely got it, I don't have a TON to say about it. no complaints here! 

I would use this lens for getting a wide angle shots for dancing, large buildings, or big group pictures.

I cannot say enough about this camera strap. It is the best on the market, and I will never recommend anything else! They are comfortable to wear, easy to adjust, and easy to take off. If I'm shooting in the studio, and don't necessarily need a camera strap to hold my camera around my neck -- I can take it off within seconds! I just keep the peak red bindings on my camera at all times, and I can click in and out whenever I want to. 

Seriously, you need this. 

I bought a smaller version for Jack- but it does the same thing ;)

This is honestly the best thing I could have done to keep my cards organized. I was always getting so confused as to which cards were "used" and which ones were not. When I ordered these on amazon, it came with two! So I put duct tape on one with an X meaning "DO NOT USE THESE" and then the plain black one just holds my new cards. A little ghetto- but it works! :)

(I don't event want to admit to how many cards I own...**)

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