Vincent & Jordan

The crew for this bridal session all pushed through the morning to get these bridals done, and I'm glad we all got through the morning quick enough to reach that morning light that I love so much. 

Jordan got up at 3am to get her make-up done by Chloe Bennett and she did a stunning job! Jordan then rushed over to get her hair done, and Markette from The Golden Petal got up early enough to deliver the bouquet and flower crown to Jordans mom, who delivered the flowers to me at the capitol, while I up browsing around in the dark for some fun locations :) 

Vincent then picked up his bride, and took off for the Captitol for our 7am session! I don't know how it all came together, but it all turned out marvelous! The light starting coming through just as we were in front of the capitol, and I took full advantage! I love a yummy hazy lens flare in my close ups, and those mountains in the back? yesssssss. soo good! 

Can't wait for their wedding tomorrow! 




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