Alec & Stacey


Alec & Stacey contacted me to shoot their wedding in the spring, and now it is winter and the wedding is almost here! With their wedding in a few weeks, they got all dressed up for their bridal session and it was so fun to see them both dressed up! We had scheduled the session around 3pm at the Utah State Captiol, and at noon... I got word that their was a huge protest going on at the Capitol. First, I tried not to panic, and then I crossed my fingers! Somehow it all worked out, and we had a beautiful session. The lighting was perfect, and the protesters were gone! Hallelujah! Staceys dress was incredible, her makeup was flawless, and Alec got to wear his wedding ring for the first time! Can't wait to celebrate these two on the 30th! 


Chelsea SampsonComment