I was born and raised in Utah, and I've always had a deep appreciation for my surroundings. I'm so lucky to be surrounded by these rocky mountains, but still thirst to travel and see new places. I grew up in Salt Lake City, but spent all of my summers hiking, camping, rock-climbing, and horse-back riding in the Southern Utah deserts. 

I'm married to my better half- Jack. We got married on a cold winter day in December, and I still wake up with the biggest grin on my face knowing that he is allll mine! I'm inspired by my own love story, so you can expect me to understand how much you value yours. I believe that photography is an art of observation. Every love story is different, and I feel so blessed to get a glimpse of yours!  -----side note, we just got a dog and I am the most annoying dog-mom in the world, and now I just want aallllll the dogs!  

Of course, I had a camera all the time growing up. But I also studied photography at Utah Valley University, where I learned all the skills necessary to photograph  portraits. My passion for it grew when I started working one-on-one with wedding photographers specifically. With a lot of emotional support from Jack and my family, I took a leap of faith and pursued photography full time in 2015.

I describe my style as Editorial, yet at the same time it's simple and natural.  My images will tell a story that words cannot describe. I capture moments that will never come back. I've learned a lot from shooting weddings. I started to see people, hear their stories, feel their wedding jitters. I realized what a blessing, challenge and responsibility it was to be a part of the happiest day of a beautiful couple's life. I get the biggest butterflies in my stomach when my brides e-mail me back saying they are thrilled about the images, or that she's already framing them.  I treat every wedding as if it was my own. I want every image to be perfect. I really take the compliments personally. A few too many happy tears have been shed, and for that I am so grateful. 

Fun fact: I love a good thunderstorm.