Bridal Party Photos


Bridal party photos should be fun for everyone involved! Make it a fun event by getting everyone excited at the getting ready location, or even bringing some drinks in a cooler to lighten the mood!
I suggest choosing a location that fits everyone, and is in the shade or a backlit area if we are in the sun. 
These photos can be done right after everyone gets ready, or after the ceremony. I always suggest my brides do these photos before the ceremony.. because after the ceremony you just want to celebrate with everyone! You don't want to leave everyone during cocktail hour to go take photos. If you are worried about the groom seeing you, we can always do groomsmen separate from bridesmaids- or you can do a "first-look" before bridal party photos. 
Remind your bridal party that this is supposed to be a fun event, come with a good attitude, and let loose a little bit! I suggest bridal party don't bring any extra cameras, and leave phones in the car.  Remind them that they will get copies of all of these pictures once you recieve them :) Nothing burns time like everyone needing a copy of the same photo I took on their iphone. This is a time for all the friends to gather together and celebrate the marriage of their best friends! Remind them to leave kids at home, and I don't suggest having parents tag along. This just adds unnecessary pressure on everyone.