Josh & Carlee - Silver Lake

Can I just say.... I love these people so much. I shot Josh and Carlees wedding last year, and now we are BFFs. When they e-mailed me asking to book a session, I got SO excited. They are hilarious, and are some of my favorite people to follow on instagram. They are the sweetest couple, and I don't know how I got so lucky to shoot them. It was freezing cold, but you can't even tell because we were having so much fun! 

Love you two! and happy anniversary!!! xoxoox

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Jose & Elizabeth - Antelope Island

We had so much fun at this bridal session. Jose was so excited to see Elizabeth for the first time, but we kept him blindfolded the whole drive to Antelope Island. We pulled up to the location, and there were so many hunters eyeing a huge buck right where we were supposed to be shooting... We had to think fast and find a new spot, but I loved it even better- so it all worked out! Jose got emotional for the first look, and I don't blame him. Elizabeth looked incredible. Absolutely stunning. We ran all over the island, and had so much fun! They were so hungry after photos, they went straight to In-n-out for dinner in their wedding attire :) 

Can't wait for wedding day!

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Day Family

It was so fun getting to know the Day family at their family session! We had so much fun, despite the freezing temperatures. We met at our session, and we found out that we actually attended the same high school, and were from the same area. Small world! 

Happy holidays Day Family! 

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Browning Family

Loved getting to know the Browning family. They came into town from California, and we were FREEZING to say the least. Let's just hope that next year family pictures are in sunny California, hm? *hint, hint* Can't wait to get this Christmas card! 

Happy Holidays Browning Family!

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Introducing... Cooper

We did it. yep, another dog. 

Jack and I have wanted another dog for SO LONG. We have always wanted to have two dogs at a time, and the time has finally come for Murphy to get a little brother! 

Jack was working late, and I saw this guy on KSL. He was on a farm in Logan, and I drove all the way out there myself to pick this guy up! He was the sweetest, came right up to me, and Jack came home to a new puppy :) 

Murphy wasn't a fan of him at first, but now they are best friends and they are constantly wanting to cuddle with each other. He is the sweetest pup, and has stolen our hearts. 

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Laursen Family - Silver Lake

I had so much fun at this session. I shot Michael & Taylors wedding in the summer, so when her mom reached out to me for family pictures I was so pumped! It was SO HOT on Taylor & Michaels wedding day.. and we got the exact opposite for their family session. It was so cold, we had to fake a few smiles.. but at the end they were all for a fun family picture :) 

Happy holidays Laursen family!

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Olivia, Mason & Noah - Silver Lake

How do I even explain my love for these three? Olivia and I have been friends since high school, which makes her little brother Noah, my best friend too. Her son Mason is so spoiled with love, and I have loved watching him grow! The session was cold, and he wasn't a big fan of the snow. Gettin smiles out of Mason wasn't the easiest task.. but the giggles finally came out and he got a yummy dinner at Silver Lake Lodge after the session. Lucky duck!


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Max & Sarah - Big Cottonwood Canyon - Engagements

Max and Sarah really wanted a woodsy feel for their engagements, what better location then Jordan Pines? The trees were just starting to turn and it was absolutely perfect. A little colder than I would have liked... but so pretty! Can't wait for their wedding coming up in January!

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Alex & Kelsie - Big Cottonwood Canyon

Funny Story.

Kelsie and her friends actually got pulled over on their way to this formal session. They were running a little late, and were speeding on the freeway. When the cop saw Kelsie in the backseat with this wedding dress on,  he let them off with a warning :)

Hm. Maybe I'll just keep a wedding dress in my back seat in case I'm ever in a hurry? ;) 

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Thomas Family - Albion Basin

We traded smiles for tic-tacs for these family pictures! And the kids were rewarded with ice-cream after their session. If that doesn't get good smiles, I don't know what will! The wild flowers were in full bloom, and we even had time to stop by a second location full of aspens. I love this Canyon, it never ceases to amaze me. And how perfect is this family? They are the ultimate photogenic family. 

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Our wittle family

Our little family grew a smidgen over the summer and it was the best addition! Murphy is probably the most spoiled dog in all of spoiled dog history... but we just can't get enough. He is house trained, and is obsessed with chasing shadows--- (We are working on that...) He loves going to the park and is usually the center of attention amongst all the other dogs. He hates baths, but loves swimming in ponds. Murphy has stolen our hearts, and we miss him every time we have to leave him. Happy 6 months baby Smurph! 

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Ryan & Vanessa -Salt Lake City Wedding


Ryan and Vanessa were ready for a cold lemonade after this hot wedding day! 

Temperatures were high 90's.. and these two wouldn't have even noticed. They were just beaming with joy all day long. You couldn't tell that we were so hot in these pictures! They got married in the morning, and when they came out they were so excited to greet all of their family and friends! 

After greeting everyone with the happiest hugs, we took family pictures while waiting for the temple stairs to become available. After taking all the necessary celebratory pictures with family and friends, we walked around temple square to get a few more formal pictures because how can you not when you're all dressed up! 


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James & Lauren - Traverse Mtn Reception

James & Laurens wedding reception was a real party. They invited all their closest friends, and partied HARD. They had everyone on the dance floor, including their parents. The DJ played some fun songs, and they served yummy crepes!  

Lauren just did it right. All the details came together so beautifully, and the venue was a perfect, romantic sunset. As the sun was setting over the mountains, the sun peaked through the room so beautifully. 

During their first dance, they were both smiling from ear-to-ear. It really was one of the sweetest I've ever seen. It was like they were the only two in the room. Even the dances with the parents were so cute. I mean, James with his mom, and that smile on her face! Such a happy moment.  The bouquet toss "catcher" was predicted, right?  She really was determined! I'm pretty sure the garter catcher didn't know he caught it until the garter hit him in the face! haha, one of my favorites. 

Their exit was so fun, and everyone was so excited to send them off with sparklers! I loved how genuine their smiles are at the sparkler exit. Seriously, cloud nine. 

Congratulations James & Lauren, and thanks for letting me tag along!


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Corner Canyon Homecoming

Has it really been 6 years since my last High School Dance? 

Wait, did anyone else hate High School as much as I did? I really was not a high school girl. I hated the attention seeking popular girls, and the tools that were so loaded with testosterone they would just strut down the hall and throw footballs across the lunch room... BLEH.

I was the girl that showed up to class in Jeans and a T-shirt, and went to tardy school every semester... oh wait, haha! still me.  

High School was just not my forte- and I'm so glad those days are behind me. 

Enough about me, let's all talk about how handsome my little brother Cody is. He is the sweetest soul on planet earth and he's also my BFF. He already knows he can't marry anyone I'm not BFFs with, so let this be a heads up to all the ladies out there. We will double date all the time, and we will be best friends.

I secretly love getting asked to take pictures for Homecoming/prom/sweethearts for my brothers.. But then the day comes... and I show up to the park with 10+ moms- and that is when it gets awkward. I just blend right in, right? 


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