Utah Photographer

Chelsea Fabrizio


Chelsea Fabrizio is a wedding photographer living and working out of Salt Lake City, UT.
Her images are known for their candid, artistic feel; portraying her couples with a photojournalistic approach.


“I believe that photography is an art of observation. Every love story is different, and I feel so blessed to get a glimpse of yours.”


I was born and raised in Utah, and have always had a deep appreciation for my surroundings. I grew up in in the city, but spent all of my summers hiking, camping, horse-back-riding, and rock-climbing in the Southern Utah deserts. You can say I’m an adventurous gal that loves a good Nordstrom sale. I'm married to my best friend (and better half), and we have two dogs that demand to be hiked every single morning - rain or shine!

It’s really important that you find a photographer whose work AND personality click with you both, so let’s grab a coffee or fro-yo and get to know each other! I've learned a lot from shooting weddings. I started to see people, hear their stories, feel their wedding jitters. I realized what a blessing, challenge and responsibility it was to be a part of the happiest day of a couple's life.



Upcoming Travel

April: Hawaii

May: California, Nevada

June: Wyoming, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

July: Lisbon, (Portugal)

August: Oregon

November: California

December: Oregon